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Grocery Home Delivery Service in bihar

Grocery Home Delivery Service in bihar offers unbelievably low prices on several items through the Golustores APP. We are your One-Stop For Online Grocery Delivery. We charge cheaper prices than any other local grocery store, give great cashback and discount offers to top it off. We stock only genuine products.

Online Grocery Shopping in bihar

With our online store, customers can get easy access to beverages, organic fresh fruits & vegetables, oil, masala and to name a few. Not only this, they can buy items as per the quantity mentioned there and of their choice of brand. The best thing about our Grocery store in bihar is that buyers get the convenience of shopping online and secondly, they can shop as per different categories, which helps them to buy their daily essentials, without missing out on any product. We will provide you with Express Delivery Service at great rates in all over bihar.

All you need to do is just sign-up and get started with your Online Grocery Shopping in bihar. 

How to Order Online Grocery via Golustores in bihar? 

Step 1 - Download our Golustores APP from here.

Step 2 - Create an account using your Phone number

Step 3 - Input the OTP to verify your contact details

Step 4 - Input your email address, if any

Step 5 - Use a strong password

Your account has been created.

Step 6 - Go to “Manage Addresses” and input your address.

Step 7 - Now go to the search bar, look for the product and place the order!

We offer Cash on Delivery so you won’t have to worry about the wallet apps.

Why Choose Golustores in bihar

Low Prices & Discount Offers

We will offer you an Online Grocery Store with many products with lower prices, and discount offers right at your doorstep with our Home Delivery Service in bihar..

Large Product Collection

With our wide collection of products you can choose all the products you need at one place - our Online Grocery Store in bihar. You can save time on travelling, parking and walking around the store aimlessly, not knowing what to buy.

Cash on Delivery & Easy Returns

Our return and refund policy is very simple. You will never be at a loss. Our hassle-free Online Grocery Shopping payment option - Cash on delivery will help you stay clear of the Wallet APP payment errors.

Express & Next Day Delivery

We take our delivery services very seriously. We not only focus on timeliness but also on comfort of the buyer. Our Online Grocery Store representative will deliver at your doorstep in bihar City but they will make sure to contact you before reaching your home!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love what we do and we are sure that you will love what we do as well! Join hands with us today and download the Golustores APP for the Best Online Grocery Delivery Service in bihar!

We at Golustores promise that timely Grocery and Fruits Delivery Service will be assured from our end. Furthermore, you will receive full-time customer support too. Drop us your enquiry or dial our number to know more.

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